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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Auditions are closed for the 2024 2025 school year.  We welcome 88 students in our Encore Performance, Encore Plus and Encore Tech programs.  If you have any questions, please email  lisa.vorreiter@hcps.net

Sign Up to Audition for  2024 2025 ENCORE!!   SIGN UP TO AUDITION HERE!


Encore is the production based class for theatre at Alonso HS. Encore produces all of the theatrical productions, competes in district and state level competitions, and has opportunities to workshop with professional actors and designers. THERE IS AN AFTER SCHOOL COMMITMENT required to be in this program. Students in this program are expected to participate in after school productions during the school year.

There will be several ways that students can be involved:

Encore Performance - students in this program are most interested in being on stage. Students will be expected to perform in various class productions and will have the opportunity to go to district and state level competitions.

Encore Technical - students in this program are most interested in working behind the scenes in a theatrical production. This could include lights, sound, costumes, makeup, stage management, etc.

Encore Plus! - students enrolled in this program are required to participate in ALL productions produced at Alonso in some capacity. Students in the “plus” program are also required to compete at district and state level competitions. 

If you choose “Technical” it doesn’t mean that you can’t ever perform and if you choose “Performance” it doesn’t mean that you can’t do tech as well.  We like for our students to learn a bit about all aspects.  It just means that’s your main area of focus.


ALL AUDITIONS WILL BE LIVE AUDITIONS THIS YEAR.  NO VIDEO SUBMISSIONS unless specific exceptions have been made with the director (for example, an incoming student from out of state, etc)


You must audition with an acting monologue.  In addition to the monologue, you may also decide to audition with a musical theatre song, a dance, or a special skill (tech or musical instrument, etc)  You may audition in ALL of them if you choose to, but you MUST audition with at least 1! 

If you’d like to also be considered for Musical Theatre class, you MUST do the Song audition. The Musical Theatre class performs all of the cabaret/revue performances at Alonso and has additional musical theatre opportunities.


You have to interview for the tech audition.  You may choose to bring any portfolio materials with you to enhance your interview, but they are not mandatory.  These may include samples of any tech work you’ve done in the past, a resume of past experiences, makeup pictures, costume designs, etc. Be prepared to answer questions about your desire to be in tech theatre and what skills you possess that make you a good candidate. 


You MUST perform at least two of the following:  MONOLOGUE, SONG, DANCE, or WILDCARD.  If you’d like to also be considered for Musical Theatre class, you MUST do the Song audition.


Monologues can be from plays, musicals, movies, or from monologues found on the internet. You can do a search for monologues online. The monologue should be 60 - 90 seconds in length.


Songs must be from a published musical.  The song should be a 16 - 32 bar cut.  You must provide accompaniment. Please do not depend on wifi to connect to your music.  Download it to your device.  We will have a speaker for you to connect to.  Please have the music cued to your starting cut.  A accompanist will not be provided, but if you’d like to bring someone to play piano live for you, a piano will be available.  


Your dance audition must be of one particular style:  tap, musical theatre, jazz, ballet, etc.  Please bring music that can be connected to our speaker.  The dance combination must not be longer than 90 seconds.