"As a parent of an Encore student, I have developed an abiding appreciation for theatre.  It's gratifying to witness the lifelong relationships my child has developed by being a part of this program."

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Meet the Director

Mrs. Lisa Vorreiter

Mrs. V has been teaching in Hillsborough County for 34 years.  Many of her former students have gone on to professional careers as actors, technicians and designers and can be found working across the world on cruise ships, in theme parks, in film and television, in regional theatres and on Broadway.   

In addition to Mrs. Vorreiter, Alonso Theatre brings in a variety of professional artists to assist with shows and provide supplemental training for our students.  Designers, choreographers, musical directors, etc are brought in to help with our program.  In addition, working artists also present workshops in various elements of theatre. 

PresidentNatalie Wynne
Vice PresidentAlyssa Kobel
Company ManagerMelanie Martinez
Fundraising ManagerLeonardo Bujones
Points ManagerErica Turner
Social Media ManagerBriee Pascual
HistorianRyen Riol
Hospitality/Event ManagerLayla Kuck
Special Programs ManagerJosephine Cioffero
Tech ManagerJane Winslow
Vocal CaptainJulia Mergen
Vocal CaptainWill Fuller
Dance CaptainCari Murphy
Dance CaptainSofia Pickford

Alonso Theatre Advocates (ATA)

Support our Theatre Program!  Become an ADVOCATE today!

Our mission is to serve as a non-profit volunteer organization providing support and services to promote the continued development and growth of the Alonso High School Theatre program.

Who can join ATA?

Alonso Theatre Advocates is made up of former and current parents, former and current students, siblings, grandparents, teachers, and others throughout the community. All are welcome, no experience is necessary!

Find us on FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/891545454370542/


Once you pay your membership fee, you can decide how much time and what level of involvement you can provide. ATA meetings will be held regularly and on an as needed basis. The meeting dates, times, and locations will be announced at least a week in advance. We welcome your ideas and participation at meetings. You are also invited to become involved in our fundraising activities, chaperoning, and volunteering. It is not a requirement of membership to participate in any way, although your volunteerism is  sure to make a difference.


ATA is funded through membership dues, donations from individuals and businesses, and through fundraising activities.


Membership dues vary depending on the level in which you wish to join, starting at only $5 (individual) or $15 per family (limit of 4 in immediate household) for the year. Membership dues help with our ability to be a non-profit 501c3 organization. We have kept membership fees at a minimum.  Your annual dues help our organization exist and allows us to provide incredible experiences for the students involved in the theatre department at Alonso High School.  Working together, we can make this a fun and memorable experience for our students!


Members of the Alonso Theatre Advocates HELP the theatre department at Alonso High School achieve its goals through fundraising and volunteerism.  All creative and financial decisions are the responsibility of the artistic director(s).  Members of ATA have no control over creative content or direction of the theatre program.  Membership in ATA is one of service to the theatre program through volunteerism and fundraising. 

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Broadway Star of the Future 2021

The following nominations were earned for this year's spring musical, The Little Mermaid!  Congratulations to all who were nominated by the Straz Center for the Performing Arts.   In addition, three of our students received $60,000 scholarships to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA).  Congratulations to Maria, Jonray and Yenisya!

Broadway Star of the Future Nominations

Thespian News

Troupe 6299 at District 9 Thespian Festival in October 2021.

Troupe 6299 attended the District 9 Thespian Festival.  Encore students earned  26 SUPERIOR RATINGS and 11 EXCELLENT RATINGS!

Our troupe also received 3 TOP HONORS:

Erica Turner in solo musical

Geo Jimenez and Sophia Winsbro in duet acting

Lyss Kobel, Erica Turner, Sofia Pickford, Josephine Cioffero and Cari Murphy in ensemble acting